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Fans-tech Agro appeared at the 54th World Dairy Expo

Views: 1000     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-10-08      Origin: Site

      WDE is one of the most authoritative exhibitions focusing on dairy and animal husbandry in the world. It is held in Alliant Energy Center of Madison, the capital of Wisconsin, USA. The exhibition period is once a year. The exhibition area is over 40,000 square meters and can accommodate thousands of exhibitors. , The exhibits cover new technologies, products and equipment in the global dairy farming industry, such as breeding and breeding, nutritional feeding, disease prevention and control, pasture design and construction, and manure treatment. Exhibitors are mainly from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Italy, China, Japan, Brazil and other countries.

    The conference is divided into five exhibition areas: the main exhibition area (industry-related industrial products or equipment, our competitors are in this area), 2 dairy cow display and placement areas (farmer cattle display, trading area), outdoor display area (engineering agricultural machinery and Plastic equipment), cow competition area and others (dairy cow competition and labor protection supplies).



    At this exhibition, Fans-tech Agro showed the latest 36-inch three-leaf circulation fan and TF series axial fan. The 36-inch three-leaf circulation fan has the advantages of light weight, simple structure, and convenient installation; the TF series axial flow fan 600mm (24") has a supply distance of up to 65 meters and The outstanding advantage of the 30-meter atomization range, which has attracted the attention of many audiences and won unanimous praise from customers.



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