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YNF-III 36 inch Circulation Fan Finished Installation in Dairy Farm

Views: 300     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-04-01      Origin: Site

In order to further improve customer satisfaction, our company has launched a new business in 2022 - fan installation and commissioning services.


Recently, we has received an order of 398 units of YNF-III series circulation fans for dairy farm. As per customer’s needs, due to the upcoming hot weather in summer, we need to complete the delivery of the fan before the end of March, and finish the installation and commissioning within 10 days after installation.


This is our first time to provided customers with installation and commissioning services for fans. Under the current situation of tense epidemic situation and poor transportation, all departments of our company cooperated with each other to quickly organize materials and work overtime to catch goods. After the fan was transported to the site, we started to work overtime to install and debug the fan. Our installers gave customers a comprehensive installation explanation and effect confirmation before the fan installation, and gave a detailed description of the precautions in the future use of the fan. At the same time, in order to ensure the quality and quantity and complete the installation task on time, our installers worked around the clock for 8 days of on-site installation of the fan, and finally completed the installation task 2 days ahead of schedule. The installation and debugging effect has been recognized by customers.


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