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Fans-tech Agro attend 2021 CRH China International Exhibition in Shanghai

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On April 7-9, Guangdong Fans-tech Agro Co., Ltd and headquarters Fans-tech Electrical Co, Ltd. went to Shanghai to participate in the 32nd international refrigeration, air conditioning, heating, ventilation and food frozen processing Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as China Refrigeration Exhibition).



In this exhibition, our company shows the TF series axial flow fan 600mm (24 ") and the TF series axial flow fan 625mm (25"), which are used in agriculture, animal husbandry, commercial, industrial and other functions.


Among them, 600mm axial-flow machine, with its air supply distance of 65m and atomization range of 30m, has attracted the attention of many customers.


The salesmen at the exhibition warmly and patiently received customers, and had in-depth exchanges, discussions and cooperation with potential customers on the development trend of the industry, product features, user needs, etc.

Through the exhibition, investment negotiation, technical discussion, information dissemination and other means, we will strengthen the company's market development and further enhance the brand awareness and influence.

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